Nights like These

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I read for 20 minutes and shut off the lamp by my bedside. Knowing it's been a long day, some shut eye will feel great. Before I dose off I glance over to my alarm clock that reads 9:50 PM as my head hits my pillow. Moments go by, feeling restless I try to talk myself into sleep: "Okay Jake, shut your eyes, go to bed". All of the sudden, a tsunami of thoughts, dreams, and ideas rush into my head all at once!

I should call every member of my family this week...It would be awesome to run on every beach in San Diego this year! ...Getting coffee with Luke needs to happen soon, he's such a fascinating person...Okay, I really do deserve the new iPhone, I mean the pictures I could take on that thing!

11:30 PM hits and my brain is still being struck like lightning with vivid images of what the future could possibly become. Knowing I had two options, one being force myself to go to bed or two being finding the nearest thing to write these ideas down on, I pick the ladder. Walking blindly through the darkness of my room I try to search out anything I could possibly write on. Finally grabbing an unopened envelope, I scribble down everything my brain cooked up within the past two hours, writing down all of my thoughts knowing I would forget them if I didn't.

Jumping back into my bed, still feeling energized, I repeat the words I spoke several hours ago: "Okay Jake, shut your eyes, GO TO BED". Before the feeling of drowsiness finally hits me like a plague, I peak over to the clock as it reads 1:20 AM.

Yup, definitely time for bed.


I share this with you because in my search for a tribe, I need to be my honest self. This is me, hoping someone can connect to nights like these.