My 5 beautiful Conversations

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Today I had 5 beautiful conversations with 5 drastically different people in 5 colorfully diverse places:

11:00 AM: Sitting in a classroom by the ocean we engage in an healing discussion on how being prejudice is not sinful unless I am confronted and still choose to be prejudice.

2:30 PM: Finding a way on the roof of a random house as we use the metaphor of "jumping out of the boat" in relation to the fear of intimacy. Let me break it down: The boat represents safety. The water represents unknown.

5:00 PM: Walking on the cliffs as the sun disappears under the blue Ocean we talk about how uncommunicated expectations will result with unmet expectations.

7:30 PM: Running from the spray of sprinklers in a golf course that I shouldn't be walking through, I call a dear friend from back home. Main takeaway: In only our authentic selves can we love someone else authentically. 

10:15 PM: Sitting on the bed at my mentors house as I am humbled when he speaks: "Jake, be careful what you decide is true only by your knowledge. Knowledge + Experience= Wisdom.

Find people who challenge you to dream more with vulnerable discussions, confrontational observations, and insightful dialogue. 

Have Conversations that Matter

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