My 4 Week Journey!

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The craziness of June is finally over for me! I tried to find a picture that matched the season and the one above has matched it perfectly. Here's a short rundown on why it was so hectic:

  • Week 1: Masters of Ministry week intensive up at Point Loma
  • Week 2: Camp United- A 400 student, 75+ leader camp I helped lead
  • Week 3: Super Sixth Something- 6th grade camp I helped lead
  • Week 4: Conference at Saddleback Church

This month was fun and boy did it go by fast! I don't know if I've ever been around people as much and as many people as I have over the past 28 days. I decided in the beginning of this four week journey that instead of waiting impatiently, I decided to embrace the crazy. Seeing that the end is near, I noticed how much more enjoyable this seasons could be if I embraced it rather than simply endure it. This four week journey has provided me with a lot of lessons, memories, and trials.

I will take the next several blogs to talk through some of the lessons that I have learned.

So, get ready!

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