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I didn't know where to start, we haven't seen each other for four months. I don't know what topics to even speak about, so much life has happened? She got back from college for break a couple days ago and we decided to get coffee in order to catch up. Even through our awkward attempts to make introductory conversation, I feel excited to sit across from her because I know we both were deliberate about being with each other. 

Sometimes proximity is an enemy to our friendships because we don't have to be intentional with each other. It's easy to maintain brevity with someone if you don't have to go out of your way to see them. What happens when someone goes to college or moves to a different state? There are two options, either the relationship slowly dies off because it wasn't impactful enough to continue or the relationship enters into a rough transformation process where we learn how to connect with each other in spite of the distance.

This rough transformation process in our long distance relationships is like climbing a mountain; you don't accidentally get to the mountaintop, it takes pain, time, and perseverance. When you get to the top after the sacrifices, it all seems worth it.  To see the world from the perspective of the mountain, there's nothing better.

Weirdly enough, my favorite people are those that I've sacrificed my time, my pain, and my perseverance for and where they did the same for me. I do this, so one day we can feel excited to sit across from each other because we know we both were deliberate about being with each other. 

What relationships in your life have you sacrificed for?