More than Words

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If I am REALLY trying to learn how to be a good friend and build community, it has to start with me. This means I have to do it with more than just my words.

This blog is a great start and I plan on writing for the rest of the 346 days of the year (wow, that sounds like a lot) but I want to practically do the things I am saying.

What if every month I focused on one aspect of being a good friend and I did a challenge that brought the idea to life? 

For example, Generosity: Every day I have to do something out-of-the-norm for a friend!

I think that would inspire me to love people well AND you can join me in the challenges?!

Okay so if this is going to happen, I need your help to think of more attributes:

Think about a great friend in your life, what makes them such a wonderful friend?

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