More than "Just Enough"

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Have you ever lived your life in a "just enough" lifestyle?

Have you ever written a 5 page essay an hour before it was due?

Have you ever got breakfast just enough times with your sister to call it a relationship?

Maybe not? ..yeah I guess that last one was personal. HA

Today I witnessed something that wasn't well done. I could tell it was barely pulled off actually. There were holes everywhere, but it was done just well enough to do the job. Just like those ugly buildings we see everywhere, those ugly buildings that we meant to just endure, not be adored. 

I don't want to live my life with a C+ effort. "Just Enough" doesn't create healthy relationships or healthy communities, it creates a culture of apathy.

Let's make a habit in doing more than enough. Sure, sometimes you have to "just get by" but let's try not to make a lifestyle out of it. More than enough produces life giving relationships. The kind of relationships that are measured in decades. Let's adore each other, not just endure each other.

Do more than Enough 

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