More Digging

I’ve been realizing that more reflecting could be done in my own life. Reflecting, or digging, for me means journaling five times a week. Recently, I’ve only been submitting one journal entree a week. I wrote this on May 26th:

In the midst of digging for answers, our own insecurities and failures are shown light as often we subconsciously buried them years prior. This, of course, can be scary, but don’t let up, keep digging. After time and intentional effort, the remedy will show itself through the examination. Instead of blaming someone else or escaping the problem, you dealt with it head on. This is a true sign of individual health and just so happens to be integral to a healthy relationship.

Digging helps you put words to emotions, this is quite helpful.

What digging do you need to be doing?

Jake VaydaComment