Yesterday, I drove out to Coronado Island after work:

Already dark as I park my car on the peer. Walking on the dock where the boats come and go, I stuff my hands deep into my leather jacket as every step I take makes a small creaking noise in the wood below. I came to the end of the dock, I reach my arms out to touch the cold railing and peer on the breathtaking skyline of San Diego.

I close my eyes, just wanting to hear the noises all around me; the fisherman joking, the family taking a picture, the young children asking Mom and Dad too many questions. 

In that moment I realize I have always waited for the 'perfect moment' to reflect. But to stand here, listening to humanity, it's like a symphony. Feeling more at peace then I've had in weeks, I know it wasn't perfect, but it was humanity; not cute humanity, not dressed up humanity, but humanity, just the way it is.

I've decided to quit waiting for an unbothered perfect future moment and been at peace with an unphotoshopped real present moment.

Are you always waiting for the perfect moment?


PurposeJake VaydaComment