Mend the Gap

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Unrealized hopes and dreams. Unfulfilled goals and commitments. Untapped relationships and people. The gap between who we want to be and the person that we are is often wide. The wider the divide, the harder the life. Let me be the first to say it's a dangerous game to dream big God dreams. God dreams will always inspire you to realize your hopes, fulfill your commitments, and tap into your relationships to their fullest potential.

Do you want to be a community leader? A person of action? Someone who achieves the goals they set out to achieve? A dreamer who makes visions reality? What about a fantastic friend?

So what's stopping you? What's stopping you from bridging the chasm?

At some point, we have to sit back and realize that we are the only ones holding ourselves back from the God dreams that are within us. The goal is for there to be very little discrepancy between the person you want to be and the person that you are currently.

Mend the Gap

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