Me Vs. Me

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Cognitive-experiential self-theory has been wrecking me recently. So, what the heck is cognitive-experiential self-theory? This theory believes that every human operates in two fundamental ways.

Critical Self

The critical self is logical and disciplined. This self knows what to do in order to accomplish the goals. Usually, this person comes out the first two weeks of January and then disappears for the rest of the year!

Experiential Self

The experiential self lives in the moment. This person craves whatever is desirous in that moment. When you are tired, hungry, lonely, or lazy, this person comes out.

Our humanity will lean towards your experiential self. Actually, this model would insinuate that you cannot fully live into your critical self unless pressured into it daily. Of course, this has it’s flaws, but I most definitely want to live into my experiential self every time my alarm goes off! The only reason why I tend to not listen to him is because my critical self tells me that I have a full time job that requires my attendance.

Maybe you need people to hold you accountable to not live into your experiential self. Whether that be a gym buddy or reading partner, someone to pressure you might be a good idea. At this point of the year, I have decided that I need the accountability.

Are you living more into your experiential self, or your critical self?

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