Manifesto Pt. 3

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People never follow other people just for sake of following, people follow causes. The same time a Leader stands up for a cause is the same time followers start lining up. No one followed Martin Luther King just because people said he was a leader, people followed MLK because he stood up for a cause people believed in: The equality of all people. 

Your manifesto has to be related to a cause, something that matters, something of substance. 

What's your cause? What does your heart break for? What problem seems to never leave your head? Whatever the answer to those questions might be, consider diving deeper into the why behind it?:

  • Are you driven towards helping people be financially free because you grew up restricted by money?
  • Are you passionate for abuse victims because you were once abused?
  • Are you relentless to free those from sex trafficking because you had a friend who was a victim?

For me, I am fervent to help facilitate people into thriving community because a thriving community once radically transformed my own life. Lack of community is my cause and I have my why. The best manifesto's always relate back to a cause that tangibly impacts our lives.

What's your cause?

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