Manifesto Pt. 1

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I've heard a lot of people say something like this recently:

"We'll see where God leads me"


"It's really all up to God, I'm just waiting"

God is not looking for robots who blindly walk where he leads. God has given us choice to choose a path and he will use our choices for Good if we allow. 

God has given us choice because love is always a choice. We can choose to live a fulfilling life and chase the dreams we've always thought were impossibilities. We can set practical goals to get to this beautiful destination AND God will use our choices to build his Kingdom if we let him. 

We stand under wide open skies, but we know where we stand
— Thessalonians 5:5

I have specific dreams that I plan to live out in the next two years. Their big and they're bold and I am going all in. UNTIL God guides me somewhere else, I trust that he will use these big dreams for his glory. 

Start heading in a direction, if God redirects you, redirect. But please, pick a direction, any direction, and go at it with everything. Who knows, maybe you'll find your manifesto in the process.

Start Heading Somewhere

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