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So I got lost last night. A friend and I decided to attend a Card Night up in North Park (The hipster part of San Diego). Trying to find parking was very difficult as it was quite dark. Finally after what seemed like 20 minutes we found a place for the car. 

All the streets look the same in North Park but I was very confident I didn't have to remember where we parked because as long as we parked, I could forget about it until we had to find it again. Sometimes I don't remember things well so I usually have to regularly remind myself of the things that matter, I just didn't think this needed that habit. When we got to the place, we ended up having a great time drinking wine and playing cards, it was turning out to be a wonderful night. 

Nearing 11:30 PM as my friend and I left discussing the nights festivities on the way back to the car I noticed that we had been walking for over 15 minutes, "The car is definitely down the street" attempting to sound confident even though I had no idea if I was right or not. We got to the end of the next street and sure enough, I was absolutely wrong. 

I ended up calling the host of the card night after 45 minutes of relentlessly searching for our car. We shamefully slugged our tired feet back to the house so he could drive us around in search for my stupid car, I was humiliated.

Sometimes, I think I view my relationships the same way as parking my car. As long as I have a relationship with someone, I feel that don't have to do regularly think about it. I never have to send a meaningful text, get coffee, be on time because as long as we have relationship, I'll just remember what to say when it counts.

When it comes to relationships, everything we do in relation to that person counts. Every word and every action adds value or devalues the partnership. 'Maintenance' is the glue that keeps all healthy relationships together.

Have we been Maintenancing our relationships well?

P.S. We did find the car and we still had a wonderful night in spite of my 'confidence'

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