Loving from Abundance

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I don't know much about parenting, but what I do know is what made my parents so good at parenting/relationships is the same thing that makes them so good at life: They grow. I've noticed that I have been writing a good amount on stepping out of our comfort zones and being bold enough to chase after the life we have always envisioned for ourselves. Some would say this doesn't relate to creating a human connection with those that we care about, I would disagree.

If you are a person who is always seeking to grow, to try new experiences, and to do something that matters, you will naturally become a good friend and a leader in your community. Continual improvement is a true mark of a healthy human being. When you are healthy and growing, you make a wonderful friend because you are not loving out of lack but loving out of abundance. There is a intrinsic connection between personal growth and relational growth.

Let's grow so we can love out of abundance instead of lack.


Jake Vayda1 Comment