Love Bigger Today Pt. 3

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Pt 1 we talked about the as we go mentality to Love Bigger Today

Pt 2 we talked about seeking opportunities of Loving Bigger Today

Pt 3 Today we are talking about seizing moments to Love Bigger Today.

I was running in Ocean Beach the other day. As I was on mile five, feeling the pain of every step as SwitchFoot was pounding in my ears, I saw two Mexican woman crying over a small shrine on the side of the running trail. I had my headphones in and I didn't want to stop running, so I kept going. By mile 6 I couldn't get the scene out of my head, I started thinking, "They probably don't speak english", "It would be weird for me to sit with them, right?", "Switchfoot is so good, I don't want to pause it". All of these thoughts were trying to persuade me to not seize the moment to love big.

So what did I do? ...yeah, you probably guessed it, I ran all the way back.

They were not there but I did talk to a person who was homeless AND I ran two extra miles, so it was a win either way! There's a difference between seeking and actually seizing moments to love big. It's easy to seek them out and be acutely aware, it's harder to actually seize the moments and initiate the love; however, if you are able to, everything can change. Often times, on the other side of fear is true life. This is not easy, but life is not supposed to be easy. It's hard to love big because it takes laying down our fear.

True life is waiting for those just beyond their self doubt.

as we go, we seek and seize moments to love bigger

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