Love Bigger Today Pt. 2

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I've been on this whole "Love Bigger" thing recently.

Pt 1 we talked about the as we go mentality to Love Bigger Today

Pt 2 we are talking about seeking opportunities of Loving Bigger Today

Being in class, as we are boldly and directly achieving the goal of learning, I was focused on something completely different. I was noticing the ways which people said things, I was attempting to listen for hurt. After Class, I walked up to two separate people and used it as an opportunity to affirm someone. I'm not waiting until everything is aligned to love people, I'm loving people bigger through my daily experience. 

  • Do they feel adored when they see you?
  • Do they feel like you're excited to see them?
  • Do they feel better when you're around?

as we go, we seek and seize moments to love bigger

I don't have answers for this myself, but I do know I can do a better job myself. I just don't want to be the person who talks about it loving people well but not enact it myself on a daily basis with my people. This stuff has to start today, if not today, then when? I don't know what bigger means to you, maybe it means giving gifts, saying words, or smiling brighter. Whatever it is, would you not wait until tomorrow? Start loving bigger by being acutely aware of opportunities to love people bigger.

Are you acutely aware of opportunities to love people as you go?

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