Living in Tension

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It seems like we live between two opposing realities. The rope is being pulled in opposite directions and I don't know which side to release! Which do I choose?

  • Do I choose people or productivity?
  • Do I choose a great work life or a great personal life?
  • Do I choose to achieve or to rest?

Most of my life, I have looked at these opposing realities as a problem to solve. It's an either/or, black/white reality. Recently, I have decided this is not the best way to live my life.

These tensions are not a problem to solve as much as they are a tension to manage.

  • We need both people and productivity! 
  • We need both a great work life and a great personal life!
  • We to to achieve and to rest!

What if instead of always seeking to solve which one is best, we decide that both are best in moderation? We live in the tension instead of seeking to solve the tension. What if we chose to laugh and have fun as we navigate through the friction on a daily basis? Stop getting mad at yourself for not pontificating a perfect solution to this "problem". Start resting in the fact you will never figure it out, and that's okay.

Live in the Tension

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