Lessons I Learned from You

We are in this series called Healthy Measures. This series is all about learning small measures from each other in order to maintain our personal well being. This week we are specifically talking about Social Health. So what did I learn from you about this week? Check it out:

As I get older though, what I have found to be the most meaningful and cherished, are my One on One visits with the different women in my life.
— Amy
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Truthfully, this week’s question isn’t something I’ve ever thought about. I’ve always been pretty social and now that I’m at college, I’m social pretty much all day long, every day of the week. So, I actually take one day a week to limit my human contact as much as physically possible. That one day completely to myself allows me to be the person I am the other six days a week.
— Olivia
In my healing I am continuing to learn and grow in this area of recognizing what “healthy” friendships are.
— Miriam
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