Knowing Your Limits

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“We just got invited on a double date tomorrow night” my girlfriend, Kaelia speaks. “Oh great, sounds wonderful, let’s do it!” I respond. She pushes back: “Well, since we have both had a crazy week, do you think it’s a good idea to be out again tomorrow night?”. This got me thinking about the fact that I’m slightly sick, a tad sleep deprived, and had just spent over 30 hours in a classroom within the span of 5 days. After pondering what Kaelia said I respond, “Yeah, you’re right”.

Knowing your own limits is important. I used to live such an active lifestyle that I did not have time for myself or any of the most important relationships of my life. I would say yes to every opportunity that came my way and my own body was the consequence. Feeling beaten down all of the time should not be normal.

Do you know your limit?

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