After I told my sister that I've spent time with some friends for five straight days, she asked me a question:

"Was it quality time with those friends?"

I responded: 

"More quality time than before, life spent together grows the amount of vulnerability shared."

I'm in a knot. I still do not have great friendships out here in San Diego. The good news is the older I get, the more I realize how life works. There's a paradoxical nature to our lives. I used to think I had to control everything, I was so convinced on how people would respond. I thought I had to have great relationships, which is great in all. The problem was that I thought I had to make sure others were that for me before I was that for them. 

Since moving, I've learned not to control how others act but let time untangle those knots. Paradoxically, I've learned to control my actions and refuse to let time work out the knots. 

Be disciplined in your actions but relax on everything else.

Are you like me and want to personally work out those knots in how other people act?