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Drinking my coffee yesterday morning in a homey cafe called NewBreak, I couldn't help but listen to these two men talk for many hours about their complaints with the way Trump is leading. Now, just to be clear, I'm not a huge Trump fan myself but I thought this was a little excessive. Sitting there, I couldn't help but think that this must not be a one time thing, they seemed to be too comfortable in those cushion seats and steaming cups of Joe for this to be their first conversation in this place about Trump. My guess is they get together once a week to discussion, complain, and leave.

How many of us get stuck in this trap of living someone else's life because we don't want to boldly live out our own? So we critique, we complain, and we make excuses about people and topics that we can't do anything about it. To be honest, even though I'm sure they're nice guys, I hope I never have consistent conversations like that...ever. I don't want to complain about something I can't change and then leave. 

Things do take time, I want to make that clear. This whole series is about not waiting to start making steps to be the person God meant for you to be; however, that 'future person' can seem so far away that it's hard to even start taking practical steps towards it. That's when we can very easily give up or grow apathetic. Thoughts like: 

  • Is there something more out there than this mediocrity?
  • I thought my relationship with Jesus would be more passionate than this.
  • What do I do, I feel stuck?

We have hit our midway point of the series as two weeks are soon to be passed and two weeks are still ahead. I hope, just in the first two weeks that these thoughts are being answered with one word: START. You feel stuck? START. You feel mediocre? START. You feel apathetic? START. Just start somewhere, frankly, I don't care where. I hope we feel we DO feel a little pressure to do these challenges because it points us in the right direction. When we start taking action to be the person God meant us to be, everything can change. 

We are not people of complaint. We are not people of excuse. We are people of action.

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