Is it a Wall?

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Have you ever not had transparency in a friendship? If you said yes, you understand the overwhelming frustration it can cause. Whether it be irrational thoughts or an extreme assumption, too many walls almost always lead to too much space to make things up in our own head. It's easy to halt at the wall because climbing over takes sacrifice, it takes pain.

I had a conversation with a close friend about the walls we both assembled within our friendship. What followed was a three hour dialogue that was characterized by not hiding or being too 'careful' with what we said to each other. It was almost as if there was a weight lifted off of both of our shoulders. We just didn't have to pretend anymore. We could be real with each other. 

Transparency breathes authenticity. The only way to cultivate a thriving community is through raw authenticity. Sometimes it's scary, but if it was easy, this blog wouldn't be needed.

Maybe this wall is actually a door. A door to something colorful, a door to human connection.

Let's not stop at the walls



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