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Disclaimer: Before you continue reading, know that this blog strongly encourages you to dream about a life that could be.

Okay, so I have been wrestling with this idea for awhile. I finally got the words to express it yesterday: Forget making a good story, BE the good story. 

The most interesting people are the same people who have the most interesting stories. I believe that good stories are created when something remarkable takes place (Something worthy of remark). This usually entails an experience that is out-of-the-norm of regular life. What if you could create a lifestyle that is so out-of-the-norm that wonderful stories are organically breathed out of it everyday?

This lifestyle would look radically different for every person since we all have radically different dreams. 

Let me invite you on this process that I have been on. The question I have been asking myself is this:

What does a out-of-the-norm, radically different, remarkable lifestyle look like for you?

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