Idea Expression

I used to think the best communities are so open with each other that every thought is spoken and heard. As of yesterday, I've realized I was wrong.

Many nights this past week I've come home frustrated because I have so many ideas and thoughts that I never shared and nobody asked about. As this week has come and gone, I've realized that not every thought needs to be public. I've always lived two lives, one in the real world and one in my head, when the thoughts in my head are expressed in the real world, I feel belonging; however, there's something beautiful about thoughts that are birthed and reside all inside the confines of our heads. 

Ideas need to be expressed if they are detrimental to humanity (Including yourself) or so remarkable that it needs to be shared... but sometimes, ideas are neither of these, and those are the ones to leave be.

Should all of our ideas be expressed within community?



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