I Need Your Help.

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I need your help.

I don't usually ask for help so this is scary for me... but this matters a great deal.

I'm tired of too many shallow conversations that leave me feeling not known. Some days I feel like I go from conversation to conversation that start at the tip of the iceberg but rarely go deeper.

Do we give up and decide that shallow relationships are the only way? Should we succumb to shallow relationships, just accept the reality?

I refuse. 

I have dreamt this blog could be a place where people can make a human connection, past the instagram filters and the photoshopped selfies. Beyond the surface conversation and the fabricated smiles, I believe there is an innate desire to feel belonging.

I long for a community of people where discussions that matter can take place daily. 

So let's do it. Help me start a conversation.

If you want be apart of a tribe of people pursuing genuine connection, please comment.

I believe you have a unique perspective that nobody else has.

I believe you have a voice that has been spectacularly molded by your experiences and it would count as a loss to never share it.

If you're ready to be apart of a thriving community, comment why you're reading this blog. Why does this matter to you?

Jake Vayda22 Comments