I am who you say I am

My parents always thought I was a leader, so a leader I became. I will become whoever you think I will become.

Our brains inform us on how to view ourselves. This inner voice that creates our self-identity is influenced by the outer voices that speak into our lives. These outer voices (Close Family and Friends) have the shear influence to tell us who we are, especially when we are under he age of 30.

Let's think about the fact that WE are that 'outer voice' affecting how those close to us view themselves. That's a lot more influence than we usually think we have.

Question: How can we help those close to us believe in themselves enough make lasting change?

Possible Answer: It has to be more than just saying nice words and giving gifts. It is seeking out their innate strengths, truly believing that their dreams start with what is already within them! Accepting their present state but always pushing them to see their future potential. It is doing whatever it takes to authentically regard those close as a true art piece, needing our help so they can see their own beautiful colors.