Human Rhythms

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I’m fascinated with the yearly human rhythms. 

This is what I’ve noticed:

  • January: We’re excited to re-imagine what our lives could become, we set new goals and dream about what the future holds.

  • April: We start looking forward to the summer. Though becoming restless in our jobs, we reflect by making a mental progress report of our goals sin the year began.

  • July: We are in full summer mode. Relaxing and taking it easy. A slow pace life is the goal. Structure is replaced with free form conversations.

  • October: We have a chance to get back into a structured rhythm giving us the opportunity to accomplish the goals we set way back in January.

As we are heading into the fourth season of the year being October, let’s take advantage of the innate momentum that comes with this time of the year. Look back at your goals and finish strong.

Are you in progress to reach your goals?

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