Highlights of the Week!

This week's bottom line is: "Don't Wait to be YOU" where the challenge is identify the gift God has uniquely given you to bring to the world.

Here's some of your answers!

God has gifted me with the ability to be authentic with anyone I meet. I think there is something special about being confident in who God created you to be. I think being really intentional with the questions you ask and listening to others creates trust amongst people.
— Yasmine
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To be quite honest, it has taken me my lifetime to identify my gifts and to start using them for God’s glory. He has gifted me the ability’s to be ME, I have no problem being authentic, which has made such a way for others; especially women with a past, to open up and share and ask for prayer.
— Miriam
He has given me the courage to be vulnerable. Truthfully, I have had to work pretty hard on being vulnerable. In my vulnerability I have been able to share so many parts of God’s story in my life. Through this, I’ve found that I’m also gifted with the ability to encourage, inspire and challenge other people.
— Olivia
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We are heading into our last week of our Don't Wait Series. Let's make it good!

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