Highlights of the Week

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This has been an awesome week. We challenged ourselves with completing a habit that we have been waiting until we felt it to start. I completed my challenge of meal prepping 18 meals, check out what you completed:

I COMPLETED my challenge! Yes, I woke up at 5:30 every morning this week. The trick was setting my alarm for 5:15 and letting myself reset it for another 15 minutes. It wasn’t easy, but so worth it! I was able to spend more time in the Word, I finished a journal (to be fair, there was only like 2 pages left in it), finished a book, started another book, enjoyed coffee and podcasts. It was GREAT! I’m hoping to continue this practice in the coming week and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.
— Lindsay
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This month I am working on health goals as well as decluttering my home. The first week of the month was spent on an Intermittent fast using a Keto diet. I am following that time with eating Whole Foods for the rest of the month. I have no problem with allowing myself a “cheat zone” from time to time, but I allowed myself too many “cheat zones” this week. It was still a great week with keeping my mind focused on eating whole foods, which is my end goal. When I think about eating, I want my mind to think about whole foods, not junk foods.
— Amy

I think it's important to celebrate wins like these. We will be doing this every week because it's important to let ourselves feel the emotion of completion!

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