Helping Others Win

I had a meeting with the boss of my boss! When I met with him, I asked boldly, "How can I truly help?". He said:

The best thing you can while working at this company is to help those around you win. The best leaders make the whole team better, not just themselves. Look for ways to build trust, compassion, stability, and hope with those you interact with everyday. (Paraphrase)
— James Grogan

Since he told me that, I decided to take it a step further. When I am by our campus and I see trash, I pick it up now. When I can, I get coffee with fellow co-workers. When I am at the water cooler and it's empty, I put another water jug on the stand. I've noticed this has helped my relationships significantly, every time I choose these types of actions, I also choose to be other-oriented. The best people help others win.

How are you helping someone else win today?