Healthiest Smoothie Ever

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Smoothies are amazing, you can mix & match 3082 ingredients together and it can still taste good. However, yesterday afternoon I was convinced it wouldn't turn out well. 

I looked up: "Healthiest Smoothie on Earth" on google and to my surprise I literally found a smoothie called: "The Healthiest Smoothie on Earth". So of course I went to the store and bought all of the ingredients. Coming back home I thought it would just take 5 minutes to throw it all in the blender... I was wrong. I rent a room from from a beautiful family and Dana, the 10th grade daughter was doing her homework as I probably looked completely stupid as I just started throwing Kale, whole apples, and spinach into the blender. She glanced over and yelled: "Jake, you gotta wash everything before you put in the blender" as she leaves her homework and commits to helping the helpless (me).

From the science of cutting on a cutting board to extracting the juice out of a lemon, to rinsing every dumb green vegetable before I put into the blender, she basically made the smoothie for me as my inturn mom (Alma) laughs at my incompetency. After 40 minutes of prepping and teaching, the smoothie was FINALLY complete, I press a button, thinking to myself, "Will it blend"? To no one's surprise but my own, it did! The carrots, celery, pineapple, kale, spinach, and apples all mixing together to make an insatiable concoction of green alien looking stuff... it looked absolutely terrible. Glancing over at Dana with a defeated disposition I think, "Well, at least we tried".

Feeling like a failure, we pour a very small amount of the alien concoction into cups thinking as soon as we drink it we will be so repulsive that it will come flying back out of our mouth into the sink. "Well, here goes nothing", I slowly start tasting it as Dana does the same.

"It actually isn't that bad" Dana Says.

"Yeah, it actually is really good" I reply.

As I am writing this I am actually drinking this smoothie. I'm reminded of my stupidity in the creation but I am also reminded of the gracious helping hand of Dana.

Sometimes we need help, and I think that's okay.

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