Hazard Lights

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Today, just because I could, I turned my hazard lights on as I drove to a diner this morning. We were driving slow for no reason and pretending like we had to be cautious about everything. It was funny to see everyone turn to the other lanes and avoid me at all cost.

I think many us of are driving our lives with a hazards on:

  • I don't want to launch that website, what if people judge me?

  • I don't want to talk to that person, what if he ignores me?

  • I can't move to that place, it just wouldn't work.

With our hazard lights on, we can't fully become the people God wants us to be. Always playing it cautious with safety being the number one priority is not a healthy way to live your life. Try new things, be bold even when your heart is beating fast.

Turn off your hazard lights


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