Guiding Light

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After work today I drove over to Black's Beach. The thing is, you can't just park on the footsteps of the sand, you have to earn the sand as you hike down to the Pacific shore. It's a participatory experience (My favorite kind). As I was hiking towards the water, I took the picture above.

For some reason it reminded me of what a friend once spoke to me:

I’m scared to be alone because I start thinking and that always leads to depression.
— A Particular Friend

I've thought a lot about how it is a risk to reflect. Are we scared to get alone? Bubbling up to the surface are our failures, dashed hopes, and shattered relationships? Do we question every action?

The risk of reflecting is bold. Not many people take the chance.

Here's my take:

When you stay in that reflective zone, past the pain, past the self-deprecating thoughts, you find shalom. A place of peace, but it takes climbing. Reflection can be your guiding light in times of confusion.

Sometimes what we fear the most is the one thing we should run towards. 

Let's be silent every once in a while. 

I've always said if you want to know me, get to know my Spotify. Music is important to me, when I might not have words to speak, I always have a song to sing.

I will be linking songs that have helped in the discovery of myself as I blog everyday. (To the right)

This is the song that reminds me of reflection, I always listen to all 8 minutes and 47 seconds of it. There's something about singing together that is remarkable to me.


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