God Uniquely Designed me to Bring...

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Sitting in Starbucks, digging through old journals, I've been getting a stronger since of not only my strengths but where I want these strengths to be invested. This week's bottom line is: "Don't Wait to be YOU" where the challenge is identify the gift God has uniquely given you to bring to the world.

This is my answer:

I inspire people towards a colorful life by connecting them to healthy community through my ability to communicate.

People everyday are suffering in isolation and feel like they don't matter or add value to anyone around them. This shouldn't happen, but it is because very few people are willing to stand up and forge community around them. If this is done all around the world, I believe color can be injected into everything and people will feel treasured, because they are!

I dream of a world where everybody wakes up feeling excited about their community and feel inspired to contribute. 

Right now I am creating this through our Facebook Group. I'm passionate about it and I'm good at inspiring people; however, if I inspire people towards nothing, it's meaningless: I want to inspire people towards something that matters.

I believe God wants us to come together and I've dedicated my life to find ways to help people simply do this.

Join me as I do what God has uniquely designed me to bring to the world.

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