Go for a Walk

Life can get insane. Life can actually get overwhelming. So what do you do when the sh** hits the fan? Literally walk away from it...

I try to go for a walk every morning. By every morning I actually mean at least three times a week. When I do include a morning walk as a part of my morning routine, I tend to enjoy my days more. There's something about taking time out of your day to just think in creation. 

Not only does going for a walk burn calories, it also burns complexity. Through the crazy calendars and the 20,841 relationships we have to manage, life can get complex. To literally walk away from all of it for a 20 minute walk, can make all the difference.

It's important to find times in our weekly lives to pause. Whatever that looks like for you, prioritize it. 

Go for a Walk

Jake VaydaComment