Get Out of your Own Way

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Standing with my toes in the sand, my head facing towards the sun, I close my eyes and hear the words, "Get out of your own way" ringing in my ears. The other lyrics followed:

I could sing it to you all night, all night
If I could, I’d make it alright, alright
Nothing’s stopping you except what’s inside
I can help you, but it’s your fight, your fight
— U2

Listening to these words, I asked myself, "What if the only person standing in my way, from living a life of purpose, is myself?" Then, I asked myself, what am I doing to get in the way of living out a purpose driven life?  Heading towards my towel on the beach, I take my air-pods out of my ears and head back towards the water. Getting into the Pacific ocean, having the waves crash against my body, I couldn't help but feel liberated, thinking to myself, "It's no one's fault but my own how my life turns out."  This is my fight.

What are you doing to get in the way of yourself?

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