Forget what's Next

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I sit in the moment as the bird are chirping, the sun is setting and the air is blowing, my heart is beating slow and my thoughts are speaking clear. I'm not waiting for the next moment, or thinking about the previous moment, I am simply here. I'm at peace. After my time of prayer, I took the picture above.

Overwhelmed, stressed, and overworked are often side affects of living a life that matters. If you have a dream that you are running after, often times your dreams can exceed your capability; however, this is a good place to be. Although you are aiming for the stars, don't be mad if you end up on the clouds, because at least you're not on the ground! 

With that said, is it possible to minimize the feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, and overworked while you are aiming for the stars?

I believe, in my own experience, this is possible.

How? Prayer.

One day I will do a whole series on the benefits of prayer. For now, I will simply say this has been my most successful tool to minimize my stress as I pusue the stars. Prayer is more than solitude, but for me, prayer has been most successful when I get away, just God and I for even a couple minutes at a time.

What does your solitude look like? 

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