For Trust Sake!

The big event was coming and I made a promise. I had the duty to print a certain amount of papers... and when the day came:

 A co-worker asks: "Jake, are the papers printed"? (15 Minutes before said event)

*You know the moment where you have to make an terrible excuse..*

My response: "Oh, sorry about that! I didn't have enough time!"

I didn't know it then, but I was essentially stating that this person was not important enough, so I decided to break our promise. Honestly, It's not that I didn't have enough time: I didn't make the time.

Trust is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, indicator of a healthy relationship. Trust is built by a small fulfillment on a small promise. Overtime these small promises and small fulfillments produce a big trust.

If I want to built anything beautiful in this world, it must cultivate itself through relationships. I realized that beauty rarely forms through low trust relationships.

Lesson Learned: Come through on small fulfillments.