First examine yourself

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In every relationship, tension will arise sooner rather than later. When this tension shows its ugly head, what do you do?  How do you find a remedy that is a long term fix to the tension?

  • Do you escape the problem?
  • Do you blame another person?
  • Do you mask it all together?

or do you first examine yourself?

It is easy to looks at the other person as the problem. To put blame on someone else is easy because it relieves ourselves of any responsibility. It's also easy to escape or to mask it because the tension is resolved, even if it is a short term fix. The most healthy people I know examine their own heart before escaping, blaming, or masking. Taking the high road demands extreme self-examination and sadly this often requires pain and frustration as we look for the remedy.

In the midst of digging for answers, our own insecurities and failures are shown light as often we subconsciously buried them years prior. This, of course, can be scary, but don't let up, keep digging. After time and intentional effort, the remedy will show itself through the examination. Instead of blaming someone else or escaping the problem, you dealt with it head on. This is a true sign of individual health and just so happens to be integral to a healthy relationship.

First examine yourself

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