People & Fireworks

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You have to love people to love life. People are the composition that makes a life well lived. Since we are social creatures, we are instinctually connected to each other in a biological way. To consistently avoid people, events, and social gatherings is counterproductive to the life that we are meant to live. People are like fireworks, you never know what you're going to get, but you know it will be full of color. 

I've seen this time and time again with my friends who intentionally decide to stay on the fringe of every friend group. Often times I will meet with them for coffee and I hear about the unhappiness they are experiencing. I can almost always point it back to the 10 times I heard "I'm busy" when they were invited to mingle with people. People take work, relationships need to be maintained, but it's worth it for our own well being.

Love people so you can love your life

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