Find Your Rhythm

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Today I heard two people speak about Jesus. I was moved by more than just their words but by their being. To go a step further, it wasn't even their words about Jesus that was inspiring as much as it was about their evident relationship with Jesus. That relationships of depth and brevity oozed out of them, almost as if they were working from a place of overflow.

What's their secret? I believe they've found their rhythm with God.

The most spiritually healthy people are also the most inspiring as well. If you can find your rhythm with God, you have the potential to tap into a source of energy that is not often found, an energy that doesn't even come from yourself.

I want to be a person who has tapped into this energy and has made a rhythm out of it. For me, on a practical level, that has to include dedicated time to prayer, bible, and journaling.

What is your rhythm?

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