Emotionally Available

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Have you ever wanted someone to notice your frustration? Have you ever tried to communicate that frustration in every way possible (besides verbally because that would be too easy of course)? I've been here before. Looking back, I guess it was my job to ask for help or to use my words, but in all honestly, it would've been nice if someone just noticed.

I can't promise those around you will notice, but what if you could notice this same epidemic in those around you? 

It is possible, but only if your emotionally available.

Let's be people who make room for the emotional weight of those around us. Often times, people are just a question away from opening themselves up. So why don't we ask the right question? Well, we don't know the right question, because we are emotionally unavailable. Of course, this does not mean we will always have the right words but this does mean that we will be appear receptive to others on a much more consistent basis.

Don't close yourself off to the emotional needs of those you care about. Often times, this takes an emotionally healthy person to not only notice the weight, but find a way to help him/her feel safe enough to let down the weight.

How can you be more emotionally available to those you care about?

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