Embrace the Season 

This week I will be at a conference up in LA. Every single week of June I have had either a retreat, conference, or summer camp. I knew this would be a crazy season of life and being three weeks in, I am definitely not wrong. 

However, in the midst of running around and not having a consistent schedule, I have found solace in the fact that my value is not found in consistency but is found in simply being a conduit in which God works through.With that said, I’m hoping that in the middle of all of the breakouts, big sessions, and meals, that I may feel refreshed. 

By July, I can get back to a reliable schedule that will be much more manageable. But instead of waiting impatiently, I have decided to embrace what this month is, craziness. Seeing that the end is near, I’ve noticed how much more enjoyable these seasons can be if we embrace them rather than simply endure them. So, whatever season that you are in, seek to enjoy it, not waiting impatiently for the next season.

Embrace the season 

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