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I think in colors. It's a weird phenomenon that I began noticing just last year. Every person is a color to me that adds something uniquely fantastic to the canvas of humanity. Well, if I'm going to be honest, this doesn't happen very often. When I'm not deliberately living, I don't see color as much, I guess I just feel stuck in the mundane. 

Yesterday wasn't one of those days. All day, color was in everything. Laying in bed last night I asked myself:

Why was today different? Can everyday be this colorful?

I came to the conclusion that I did something that mattered to me (Invited my friends into a tribe of people seeking real human connection). I wasn't stuck in survival mode, I could see a bigger picture. When I have this perspective, other people always take importance.

The best version of myself is when I am deliberately breathing, I get to this elevated place where people and relationships matter. I think about how my actions affect other people and I ask questions that spark depth in my friendships. Those that know me understand this is a big deal for me as I'm not naturally an 'empathetic' human. I hope I can have more days like yesterday.

When we are able to get out of survival mode, we are able to see the bigger picture which always seems to include other people. 

I hope today, even for one minute, we can elevate past our own lives and see an opportunity to dive deep into a dialogue with someone that matters and see color.