Don't Wait Until You Feel it

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I believe that if you want to help others, you have to help yourself. This week we're going to focus on the idea of not waiting until you feel it. A huge part of my growth as a community leader and friend has been because I have taken the time to develop healthy habits. 

It's important to mention that personal habits are intrinsically connected to the way you love those around you. 

  • Reading a book and to share the knowledge with a friend who is hurting.
  • Committing to doing a weekly challenge inspires those around you towards action.
  • Eating healthy makes you feel healthy, and if you feel healthy, you often act healthy.

Unhappiness for me means having all these ideas, dreams, and visions for the future but never doing the necessary actions today to get where I want to be tomorrow. If we wait until we feel like working out, journaling, or reading a book we will never form a consistent habit.

So the question of the week is this:

What is that habit that you have been waiting to 'feel' in order to make a reality?

What is it in your life? Whatever it is, let’s collaborate together in the Facebook group.

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