Don't Wait to be YOU

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We are currently in a series called Don't Wait where we have started to take steps in order to become the person we've always wanted to be. This week it's all about not waiting to be you. The first step in living into ourselves and the person God formed, is to know what the gift God has given each of us.

This leads to the question this week:

"What has God uniquely gifted me to bring to the world?"

Here are some of your answers!

The first thing that came to mind was my big heart to just love people.. getting better at this everyday is the goal. I love having conversations with people and making them feel seen and valued.
— Kaelia
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I realized God has given me the gift of wisdom...having the right words at the right time and speaking life over people by giving them a message from Jesus’ heart to theirs is something I’ve always been passionate about. He’s also uniquely made me super weird, so that I can learn how to let loose sometimes (because he knew I would have anxiety and need a break from being worried and freaked out half the time).
— Maya
I think I have the ability to allow people the space to be themselves. I’ve been told that people feel safe and not judged when they are around me.
— Katie
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As the week goes on, let us to continue to reflect on this.

 I would love if you would continue to pray and ask those around you about what God uniquely gifted you with.

I'll ask all of us to post our edited version of this by Friday or Saturday per usual! 

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