Don't Bother Being Famous

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If you want to change the world, start with the people next to you.

One of my favorite people on this earth is Bob Goff. He is famous, he is an influencer, and thousands follow him, why? Because he loves the people in his life well. He didn't care to be famous, the people around him made him famous because he was that remarkable. The way he lived his life was so very spectacular that his friends forced him to write a book.

It's so easy to get transfixed by the big, hairy, audacious goals that can revolutionize culture but forget to start affecting the people you are around everyday. Here's advice that I've given to myself many times:

  • Don't bother getting famous.
  • Don't bother being an influencer.
  • Don't bother getting thousands followers on instagram

...if you cannot lead the people in your own life.

Bob Goff doesn't care if he's famous or not, he cares about loving people well, doing good in the world, and giving values to his friends. 

Are you leading your tribe well?


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