Divided America

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In 2018, we are seeing a movement happen right before our eyes, I like to call this the Niche Movement. A Niche is a small, specialized segment of our population who are linked by an idea, an opinion, or a product. This is great as it makes us fall in love with our niches even more-so (Republican, Democrat, Nike, Women's rights, KKK, Christianity, etc.) but it also further segments us away from every other tribe. Especially tribes that disagree with our niche.

In other words, America will continue to divide. In my mind, this is scary. So what do we do? How do we unite people when our culture continually want us to pick a tribe and stick to it? 

I just finished getting coffee with a man name Mike Meeks. Mike started an organization that now employs close to 50 employees and has a sole purpose of uniting people under Jesus.

We have so many niches represented in our Church. The majority of our Church is Hispanic and White with Filipino and African American making the most of the rest. How do we keep everyone together? We have refused to ‘pick sides’ so that we can look to what is most important: Jesus and People.
— Mike Meeks

What if we were people who had a stance on Community and had conversations about everything else? What if we did this not because we do not have opinions, but because we do not let these opinions divide us.

Let's start blogs, create art, and form companies that unite people and transcend niches. 



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