Distracting Hobbies

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He had no idea if he should change his major, but Philosophy was killing him! In his confusion of what to do, he started asking himself questions like, "What if I regret this decision? What if I won't ever be content with any major? Am I simply giving up because it's too hard or because I genuinely don't have passion for it anymore?". After many sleepless nights he went to his Dad, with alligator tears, he explains the situation and asked for advice. His Dad takes a moment...and says: "Go upstairs and play video games for an hour, then come back down and talk to me about this."

So he went upstairs, fulfilling the advice from his Dad. After 20 minutes of spending time playing mindlessly, he felt so much better. He came back downstairs and with a clear head spoke to his Dad, "I need to switch majors."

It's easy to stay in confusion or attempt to ruthlessly solve an issue; however, often times the attempt to solve a dilemma in one sitting only makes it worse. The advice his Dad gave him has been the same advice I have been giving to myself over the past couple weeks: "Go run Jake", "Play Guitar Jake", "Go read a book Jake" etc.

Hobbies can offer a healthy distraction so that we may come back to an issue without the huge emotional weight. Without the emotional baggage, it is much easier to see a clear answer.

Have a hobby that can bring distraction so that you do not drown in your own head 

P.S. Bonus points if it's a healthy habit!

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