A lot of times I go to restaurants and I don't even order anything. The real reason I am there is for conversation with friends; plus I don't want to spend money on unhealthy food that will upset my stomach.

One of my other friends decided not to order anything either (She's in college). While all of my other 20 friends were eating and laughing loudly, we were at the corner of the table having a vibrant conversation.

The reason why we were talking, in part, was because I noticed something in her. She is always so motivated to become a better version of herself everyday. This innate "IT" factor pushed her to great heights, but also left her frustrated because the progress didn't come fast enough. She just wanted to get to the destination!

I noticed this in her, because I have the same tragic gift. Motivated to improve, but mad the improvement is not happening faster. 

While talking, I told her what I was learning: Be content along the journey, but never satisfied. 

Whatever the destination may be for you, will it give you contentment?

PurposeJake VaydaComment